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Find Out Why Alex Feels Seen in the EMBA

Posted by Alex Sunseri on Oct 3, 2022 12:16:00 PM


Orientation Experience: I feel seen. That is the biggest difference with RIT’s EMBA program

Written by Alex Sunseri, Online EMBA student:

From the warm and personal welcome from Sr. Admissions Officer, Annie Capella during the information gathering process, to the wholesome review and discussion with Program Director, Jeff Davis on where I have been and want to go - I have felt fully seen. That is truly rare in our fast paced digital world.

The personal approach matched with relevant course work, group learning based approach, expedited schedule and top EMBA school rankings made RIT a very easy choice.

I was still overcome with fear, anxiety and anticipation in the lead-up to orientation. That fear very quickly melted away as I joined my fellow cohortians for breakfast at 7:00 AM on the first day. Pleasantries and standard professional introductions initially took place. It was quickly realized that most people there were experiencing a bit of imposter syndrome and I was not alone.

EMBA Photos (2 of 31)

EMBA Photos (1 of 31)


A common theme across the three days was creating moments for us to have surprisingly deep and meaningful conversations with individuals across the cohort. The speed at which we were able to get to real, meaningful topics was astonishing. I very quickly realized that though we are an incredibly diverse group of people, we all have very similar reasons for undertaking RIT’s EMBA program. That camaraderie continued to grow through lunches, team dinners and late-night study sessions together. I feel like I have found my people.

Additionally, our studies got underway during orientation with our first credited class. We had the privilege of exploring Ethics from a true legend, Professor Bob Barbado. He pushed our thought process further and helped us gain wider perspectives on the impact of our decisions. We started having deep discourse with our cohort. Completing our first credit during orientation was the perfect way to demonstrate the caliber of professors and how it feels to be in a classroom as adults (hint: it is so much better than undergrad).

Yes, countless professors, alumni and staff continuously reminded of the monumental challenge ahead. However, the care demonstrated for each student by the RIT team, the respect between classmates, and the overwhelming desire to reach a shared goal has made me incredibly excited and proud to be embarking on this journey. There is no other group of people I would want to walk (or more like run from the sounds of it) this path with. I cannot wait to learn from each professor and cohort member over the next 17 months!


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