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Customized Executive Education Solutions

Posted by Jeff Davis on Feb 19, 2018 1:40:24 PM

RIT’s Executive Education Programs have a successful history of customizing solutions to meet the unique needs and desires of companies in a wide range of industries. These programs are the result of a productive collaboration between RIT and the firm, and are and specifically tailored for each company. An example of a recent program:

Challenge - A company has been successfully growing for more than 20 years, but was faced with slowing growth and was struggling to remain agile and effective in decision making at all levels. 

Solution – A program was jointly developed that started with understanding individuals' strengths and weaknesses and how employees relate with one another, immediately followed by a session on effective teaming and critical thinking in decision making. This led to a session on strategic thinking and understanding the firm’s competitive advantage, resources & capabilities, and competitive landscape.  Finally, the newly charged teams took on innovation at their company resulting in a project to move the company forward with confidence.

This is just one example of many unique solutions available to companies that partner with Saunders College of Business Executive Education. Learn more about our customized Executive Education Programs and partners.