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Orientation Experience - From Strangers to Tribe in 3 Days Flat

Posted by Veronica Cintron on Jan 30, 2020 2:11:09 PM


Gaining admissions to the Online Executive MBA Program at RIT, and attending the 3 day orientation experience was one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. I knew that I was going into a jam-packed, back to back experience for 2.5 days. What transpired in those two full 14 hour days and one short 8 hour day was completely unexpected.

Though it was a high intensity experience, all of the information was precisely delivered and more than palatable, despite the robust content. There was a combination of what to expect in the program and how to properly prepare for what’s coming. In addition, we had team building activities, courses, and homework. We went over an explanation of available resources, technology setup, and enjoyed group dinners in the evenings. All of the activities were engaging and presented in an entertaining way.

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Day 1, I made instant connections. Arriving at Saunders College of Business on the first early morning of orientation, we were greeted by the warm smiles and friendly faces of the staff. Though there were many witty jokes and fun group challenges, it is an intense 3 days that you’ll come to miss once over. I quickly learned that what makes this EMBA program so unique is the connections we made with the other cohort members as well as with the faculty and staff.

Getting to know our professors in person prior to the start of class was also very special, especially considering this is an online program. It allowed me to feel more comfortable reaching out to them in the future. They will no longer feel like strangers when we start the online classes. The team building was important in order to understand the different personalities of my team members, which will assist in how we function as a cohesive team during the entire program. Another highlight of the orientation was the alumni panel. It was helpful to see real life results that the program delivers. It helped to drive the final vision home of what your potential outcome will be.

I truly left orientation feeling inspired, motivated and confident that I had made the best decision for my future. Team building is truly at the core of this orientation, and the activities were methodical and purposeful. My entire cohort quickly became my family. They were such a supportive and inspiring group of individuals that have already become my tribe and highly motivational group of friends. I am confident that I have made lifelong friends and this is a direct result of the thoughtfulness that went into the orientation activities. While I know there will be academic challenges ahead, I am convinced that I am guaranteed success upon completion.

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