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Your Career Evolved: Seeking New Skills and Opportunities

Posted by Kristen Peres on Apr 27, 2018 11:00:00 AM

In today’s environment, we are all responsible for managing our own careers – companies won’t do it for us. And given the ever-evolving business climate, you must continually evaluate your skills and overall career path and adjust accordingly, whether you are planning for a change or not.

Many mid-career managers considering an Executive MBA are looking for advancement within their industry or company. But often we see students interested in making a bigger change – transitioning into a new career. How does a print buyer move into a broader function like team development, corporate strategy, or pharmaceutical marketing manager?

Jason Benagh

Executive MBA alumnus Jason Benagh did just that.  With a background in print buying, Jason sought more from his career. He left his job and became an independent consultant with a Boston-based pharmaceutical company. However, he needed to see the bigger picture – how the marketing functions fit into the larger business strategy. He sought out RIT’s Executive MBA program to give him the foundational leadership and strategy skills needed to succeed in his industry.

The Executive MBA program at Saunders College of Business offers seven classes in leadership and strategic thinking to prepare our students for upward trajectory in their careers. This includes two one-on-one leadership development courses, individualized for each student’s professional and personal development.

"Within 2.5 years of graduating, I realized the ROI of my education, and it has been reflected in my salary. It was a well-rounded program with lots of work, but it's great for people who want to find themselves and make the leap to manager."

Within one month of completing his EMBA, Jason was promoted within his company and now serves as the Marketing Operations Manager. With the personal and professional development, career coaching and strategic business courses, Jason was able to “find himself” and also felt comfortable to make the leap to managing a team. Being a part of the EMBA program helped Jason identify his long-term goals and chart a path on how to achieve those goals.

Learn more about the ROI of an Executive MBA and the countless applied-learning experiences the EMBA offers to give you the skills you desire. 

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